In Our Heads and On T.V.

Great afternon. It's another beautiful, sunny summer day here in New York. Friday has arrived and lazy days are ahead. I say lazy and they end up being busy going here, going there, doing this and that. It's amazing how busy one can be doing little errands. I woke up to the Brexit news, not good for the global economy. Looks like we'll be heading into another recession. The Donald was in Scotland this morning commenting on Brexit, saying how he thought it was a great thing. Meanwhile, Scotland voted against it. The stock market crashed this morning, biggest crash in five years, Japan's crashed too :/ Anyway, I don't want to get caught up on that, I want to enjoy the day and head into the weekend on a positive note. The wind it on down has begun - for those of us who work during the week, for income that is. The only things we'll have to think about soon are what to eat, drink and what forms of entertainment we'll be engaging in :o I'm going to start off the entertainment with music that comes to us from Australia...

Atlas Genius, Trojans

*Have the most wonderful, amazing weekend ahead, big, big kisses XXX and lots of peace and love*

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