Congrats 2016 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

I may be a little behind the eight ball with this one, not by too much, the live ceremony was at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 8th. HBO aired it this past Saturday, so that's when us regular people had a chance to see it. We have to give respect to these musically talented artists, who put their life, heart and soul into their work for us to enjoy. So without further ado, here are this year's inductees...

Formed in 1973 in Rockford, Illinois. 
Robin Zander (vocals/rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar), Tom Petersson (bass guitar), Dax Nielsen (drums).

#CheapTrick, I Want You To Want Me

photo: Huffington Post
Formed in 1986 in Compton, California. 
Original line up: Ice Cube, Dr Dre., Eazy E, Arabian Prince

"Rock and Roll isn't a type of music, it's a spirit." - Ice Cube

An American guitarist, singer / songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who formed the band in 1966.

#SteveMillerBand, Fly Like An Eagle
(an incredible song that i'm playing now and will likely have on repeat today)

Formed in Hertford, England in 1968.
Original line up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Jon Lord (organ), Roger Glover (bass), Ian Paice (drums), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar). 

#DeepPurple, Black Night

Chicago formed in 1967.
Original line up: Walter Parazaider (saxophonist), Terry Kath (guitarist), Danny Seraphine (drummer), James Pankow (trombonist), Lee Loughnane (trumpet), Robert Lamm (vocals/keyboards)

#Chicago, Saturday In The Park
(now should be my theme song)

An American songwriter and record producer from the Bronx, New York City who first started making music in the 60's, RIP. I couldn't find any of the music he wrote and performed online, but I did find this gem which he produced:

Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl

Through the years still rockin' out, still bad ass. **Congratulations to these guys**

all pics Rolling Stone unless otherwise notified, band info from wiki

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