Just Keep Shining

Great morning on this wonderful Friday. The sun is out and is going to sparkle high in the sky for us for the next three days. It's been a while since our last warm day, I can't even remember it now. Lighting struck this week, right into my email inbox. It was a great note to wake to, especially since my night didn't go so well. My son had no interest in studying for his crazy hard spelling test. Words he had to memorize were: freedoms, government and representatives...he's in first grade for goodness sake. Maybe Common Core should be renamed to Hard Core. I sure hope Bill Gates knew what he was doing when he created it, because it hasn't been an easy ride for us who are living it. The kids will definitely be much more advanced in the future though, no doubt about that, and so I'm trusting his vision.
And now it's time for some play :o Welcome to the weekend*

peace, love and positive energy to you, xooxx

APRIL 2016

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