It's Spring Alright

Great morning. I don't know about you, but Friday sneaked up on me this week. I was sure it was Wednesday all day yesterday, completely sure. When the realization it was Thursday hit me, oh boy was that a bit of a good shock. Work has been enjoyable and I'm not dying for it to be Friday anymore, big change. You know, it only takes one poisonous person to ruin a good work experience. It's a strange thing when a person claims they are holy and that they love God, bla bla and then turn around and treat people poorly. It just doesn't match. (That's behind you Fab, you can let it go now). My birthday month is almost over, as well as the buzz from celebrating my birth. That's okay because we're moving into an even warmer time, May. Like.

S P R I N G  *  2 0 1 6


Have the most wonderful, fabulous, amazing weekend. Lots of love and kisses and peace, f

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