I Get Way High

The day doesn't really feel as though it's started without caffeine. Oh how we love it. I do miss all of my college day's / single girl vices: drinking, smoking marijuana at free will, last minute clubbing, bar hopping, bloody brunches, "etc."... yeah I guess I need some sort of vice. I can still do all of those things, but as a mom, they have to be planned out, and so it's not the same. I also have an issue with my throat, so I can't really partake anymore, at least I shouldn't. I'm not into hard liquor, because it is hard on the body - a dram of corn whiskey is okay, Clyde May's to be specific, something about the corn makes it easier on my stomach. Wine is nice, I enjoy it when I'm chillin' with my girlfriends. There are too many wine brands to have a favorite, but I have an over abundance of pinot noir under this roof.

When I'm home, I would rather try and be healthy. It doesn't always work, come Friday evenings, I tend to start looking at the wine rack and seeing what's there. I start the game....should I open it or go with a cup of tea? That is such a fun game; the woes of trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't know if I'll ever stop drinking alcohol all together. I would like to think I will someday, as it would be a nice way to live, but the vice is strong, much more powerful than I. Having a vice doesn't scare me - because everyone I know is the same. I'm actually one of the more angelic ones of my group of people. New York is where hardcores move to live...and die. This is still very much a smoking, drinking town, the West coast is way ahead of us there.

I've discovered a new line of healthy drinks, named neuro. They're from Los Angeles (of course) and are nationwide. In fact, it's a new brand I'm working on. These are healthy drinks that do something to you, this fits in perfectly with my needs in a drink. After being in the liquor industry for so long, drinking alcohol tends to get a little old, neuro is fresh and new. One puts you to sleep, aptly named SLEEP, another calms the mind, called BLISS, then there's DAILY that gives you all the essential vitamins you need and of course SONIC, for energy. I'm hooked on these guys. Come Friday night now, instead of grabbing that bottle, I'll grab a bottle of BLISS. I apologize if this sounds like an ad, it's not, it's just my life.

If you have an interest, you can find them in your corner drug or grocery ("find neuro" on the site for a store near you) and there are two others available only through Amazon: TRIM and GASM. Yes, those are the names. TRIM for fitness and GASM for vitality. Neuro is all over social media and evidently SONIC is Kim Kardashian's favorite drink and she is always carrying one on her show, I've never seen this, as I don't watch the show, but avid watchers of hers have told me so. I sought out this brand as it fits in perfectly with the current lifestyle I'm trying to lead. I still do enjoy a nice cold brew, oh how I love it and a nice glass of wine can be heavily, a well-made cocktail can always light things up, but I'll keep them to a minimum...which I guess I should have done all along.

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