Chill Mode

Great morning on this warmer start of Spring. We're starting this Friday off with 44 degrees. When I first moved to New York from Florida - around this time many moons ago - I couldn't understand why everyone was so bonkers for summer. I had come from an endless summer, so it wasn't a big deal for me, in fact, winter seemed like a thrill :o [I get it now]. The weekend has arrived! I'm not super stressed at work, as I used to be, about this time last year. It's a long story...let's just say that it's true, New Yorkers ARE mean (not all of course). I'll leave it there, as it's behind me now and I see it through the rear view mirror. Time to begin to unwind, let go of #worklife - I'm actually loving my work at the moment - still, the mind needs to rest and be freeee.
I'm kicking off the relax with this tune I've been listening to all week, from Wild Nothing...join?

BIG kissesXXX

**Welcome to the weekend**

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