Spring Fever In Full Effect

Hello and great morning. March has been such a crazy month this year. We went through some serious warm days here in New York. In all of my years living here, I'm pretty sure I've never witnessed spring fever this early in the year. We hit 81 degrees this past week* Just gorgeous. I was even happy trekking to the drug store to hang outside and feel the warmth. Soon, we'll be in our bathing suits splashing around in water. Mid-March means time to move the clocks ahead. This Sunday we go forward in time. Longer days, more light in the evening hours, less light in the early hours and buds should start forming on the now incredibly bare trees.
It's Friday y'all :o Before the busy morning routine kicks in, 
I'm chilling out to this tune from a group out of la la land...
Gold - Sir Sly - YouTube
Join me?

#TGIF ! Have a fabulous weekend Xx

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