Hanging Out At The Park

Great morning on this 3rd of March. It's been a nice, calm week on my end, the past two weeks for that matter, I have no complaints. I'm sure I could think of something to complain about, but off the top of my head there's nothing at the moment, life is good. Work has been steady as we start to gear up for the warmer busier months. I'm in the calm before the storm. I like being busy at work, I prefer it. There is nothing worse than a worker who has no interest in the business and is only collecting a paycheck. If a company is giving me money to help them build their biz, I'm all in. Karma and all that.

On that note, the weekend is here, wooooweeee. Time to start the relaxing and chillaxing process; unless you're my sister, who's a nurse and is working the weekend - love you Jilly (I doubt she's reading this). Anyone working this weekend probably had days off during the week. If you worked the week and are scheduled for the weekend? Bless your heart...and maybe start looking for another job. Our minds and body need rest. Clearly I need the weekend because I can't seem to stop thinking about #worklife omg. Me mode please, STAT.

Hot bath with candles, incense, hot yoga, a long walk, Starbucks run, out to eat, movies, a new book, a hike if it warms up, maybe some shopping. Sound familiar? I'm starting this snowy, grey, cold Friday with music from these cute producers who hail from D.C...
#thieverycorporation #love

Have the most fantabulous weekend, bigkissXXX

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