Good Bye For Now

Great morning on this clear, cool and sunny start of the day over here in New York. Spring official is this Sunday, so this is my last post of #winter2016. This is the kind of cold season I wish we could always have. El Niño is partly to blame for the extra warm temps, so not all global warming issues thank goodness. Here are some of my favorite seconds from this winter's end...

 this was on an unusually hot day, temps reached 82, even the pilots seemed to be feelin' it
 spotted in harlem, so close i could almost touch it
 sunrise in annapolis, it doesn't look like much in this blurry picture through a window, but it was gorgeous
 a refreshing saturday morning walk
 i don't know what it is about trees, at least i haven't started hugging them
 was hoping to pick up on some of those lucky irish vibes, green beer, too much fun
 spring's first flowers, called winter aconite  
 admiring the last of daylight from the window
one of the brooklyn's bridges, i'm not sure which it was, possibly williamsburgh

As we say good bye to winter, we welcome in life, green, heat, flowers and so many other great things. We'll have a bit of a cold spell this weekend and next week, but maybe, possibly, that'll be the last one. 
Fingers crossed* 

Have the most fabulous weekend and thanks for checking out my pics. Un gran BESO, X.

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