Caffeine High #winterlife

Good morning. It's super early here, almost 6 am and it's quiet, dark and chilly outside, very peaceful. The sun should make its appearance in about forty-five minutes. We won't be able to see its brilliance unfortunately, as it's a stormy week ahead for us in New York. I would rather this darker morning and lighter later in the evening, as I'm sure most people would. California (and Oregon) are starting petitions for a bill to end daylight savings time. If it means dusk would never again begin at 4pm, I would vote for it, although I don't have the option here.

Last week in the Northeast, it felt as though the entire region escaped into a soothing sauna. Serotonin levels were at an all time natural high and just like that, it was back to cold. What a buzz kill. I had made all kinds of crazy plans in my head, such as switching my wardrobe to spring/summer for starters. No need to do that now. We'll be able to revel in the all black everything look, for at least another two weeks. It will be nice to wear colorful dresses, sandals and long skirts again, they're so feminine and flowy and just fun to wear.

It's time for me to stop dreaming of the future now and wrap up this blog post. I have a train to catch, so I'm off to pack those winter clothes and head out to Baltimore. Wishing you a wonderful, successful and happy Tuesday ahead for whatever your day has in store for you. XXXXX

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