Fuzzy Friday

It's the start of the weekend and I drank a little more wine than I was planning on last night and now, like the light weight that I am, I feel hungover. I like to practice responsible drinking, but even when I do, the headaches sometimes still come the next morning. The piercing, foggy, slow motion of the frontal cortex that doesn't seem to fully sharpen even with the smoothest espresso. I know it's the poisons in the alcohol very well, but all that is too much to write about in this little blog posting. I can't wait for it to pass and go for a nice, long healthy walk. To top it all off, I have bills to pay. I wish we could snap our fingers and make them all paid up, wouldn't that be nice?

At least it's a Friday and that fact alone is a happy one. So who cares about the headache, the bills and the work, if you're off this weekend, today is time to let it all go, blessed be. For some weekend vibes, check out this fun little tune below. It might make you feel real good right now, it's working for me anyway...

*Have the most wonderful weekend, big kisses to you*

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