Great morning on this super cold, crisp Friday. We're starting it out with 22 degrees here in New York. This chill is much more like it for the first month of the new year. With January, normally it means tons of snow, we did get some little flurries the other day, but they didn't stick. This weekend we'll make up for the lost ones. All week forecasters have been saying, "possible" snow and to "stock your shelves," "have batteries and flashlights ready," "you may lose power." It looks as though the storm is heading right at us, but when you watch the storm's fast forward track, it seems to take a sharp turn east, just as it hits New York, so who knows.

I'm ready for it if it indeed does blanket my entire neighborhood. I have lots of wood for the fireplace, red wine good to go, brie and of course soppressata (my fave), all set :o By the way, if this is your first time reading this blog, heads up that I like to write a lot about the weather. Mainly because it makes us or breaks us up here, as in, it controls our daily lives with its volatility. It's serious winter now. I don't think we'll see anymore of those warmer days for a while. If we do, that'll be quite interesting, to me at least and I'm sure to my pretend colleagues over at the Weather Channel.

It's Friday, wooooooo. It's been a busy week over here so time for the chill out to commence. Going to start it off with a tune from the pictured artist below:

Click to listen (if you haven't heard it already).
She goes deeep...

Have the most fabulous weekend

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