Chief Angel

Great morning to you on this warmer, winter Friday. Temps are already at 38 degrees. Forecasters are saying we'll reach 52 today in New York and no rain, that's coming tomorrow of course. Today is a great do-things-outside day in the Northeast. Even though it's been really cold, I've managed to go for a thirty minute walk each day, it clears out the mind. I can imagine how runners feel, if my little walk makes me super happy.

My boy is up, I usually try to finish blogging before that happens. He's watching Bob the Builder. With Bob on in the background, it's a little difficult to write out any sort of grown up thought I had in mind. "Mr. Trunkers, ooohhh nooo." The little girl's voice is piercing, it doesn't even sound real. "Today Leo, I'm going to show you how to use a jigsaw." "Jigsaw?...Easy peasy." No, it's not easy to use a jigsaw Leo, let Bob show you for goodness sake. "What do you see here Stu?" "I see a playground?" "Nope, it's a monkey enclosure."

I think Bob is lying, it doesn't look like one. My life has been taken over by kidonia, I need to go back to grown up land. The Rolling Stones should do the trick. I'm rock and roll at heart. Headphones on, bye bye Bob...
crank it up:

Have the most wonderful weekend* XXX

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