Seriously Silly Cute

I could talk about my first grader all day long if you let me. A lot of my friends are mothers of small kids and when we manage to get together, we find ourselves talking about bedtimes, misbehavior, motherhood and school lunches. It's interesting to listen to their points of view on subjects that I live and breathe everyday. Something else we talk about are the cute things our kids say. My boy says some adorable things to me that I have to capture them somewhere, so I'll do it here :o

"Lellow" - a small person's version of the color of a school bus.
"Baf" - what he gets into to clean his stinky bum.
"Ehshisowat" - although this one has stopped, he had the tone right... "Who is it?" is what he was asking from the other side of the door.
"Blueblerry" - the extra "l" on that made me smile.

He and I have been learning to play chess, he beats me most of the time fair and square. I'm catching up and beat him twice in a row, he didn't like that much and moved his pawn three spaces forward. Anyone who plays chess knows, this is not allowed. I reminded him of the rule and he said he "didn't care" and planned to keep the pawn right where it was. I replied that I wasn't going to play with a cheat. He came back with, "You don't want me to eat the candy cane I gave you do you? Do You?" God forbid he eats my candy cane, a major deal in kid world.

"Mama will you play with me? Please." As he's an only child, I'm the token play friend. Hide and seek can be quite fun, especially after a really strong cappuccino after not having one for a week, I could probably run a marathon truth be told, so energy levels are a GO.

Farts, poops, stinky bums, more farts, smelly feet, dead bodies, mummies, skeletons...all those things, all the time, around here. In fact, he made up a song and it goes something like this: "Farts and poops and farts and poopies." If you can imagine those words with a rhythm on them and then repeat the chorus over and over and OVER AND OVER.

Everyday is something new with this sweet child o' mine. Yesterday's naked dance took the cake over everything though. He thinks it's absolutely hillarious to drop his drawers, run around and do a dance. He's not the only one who thought it was funny, all I could do was laugh with him, because that was seriously silly cute. #he'llprobablyhatemewhenhe'solderandreadsthis
#kids #parenting #love

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