The Allure Of A Scorpio

Great morning to you on this cool Fall Friday. Thank God the sun is out today. If it was going to go on day five of grey, rain and clouds, I don't know what I would do. November is the month of the Scorpio, which happens to fall straight across from Taurus on the astrological wheel, my sister sign. I tend to get along well with them, my mother and both of my best of friends are born Scorpios.

All three do have similarities and their birthdays fall within about a week's window. They are the nicest, most incredible people to be around, but watch out because if they're not happy - they'll let you know - like a true scorpion. Luckily, I've managed to stay on their good sides for all of these years...while many others have been cut :O  Happy Birthday month to my moon sisters and my beautiful mama...


V A N E S S A 
  M A M A
**Love you to the stars and back**

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