Thank You Sun

Great morning to you on this lovely Friday. This past week has been quite a ride. The changing of the clocks has been something that's going to take a bit of time to get used to. Our star makes its way above the horizon at roughly 6 a.m. now, it used to be 7. A nice, long early morning. On the flip side, it gets dark way too early. The whole daylight savings time was invented originally for the farmers. I'm imagining Little House on the Prairie when Pa used to wake up to tend to the fields. Pa would have needed that extra light.

Fall is a real season no doubt. As I sit here and type I'm looking out my window at the trees and I'm watching the leaves fall off. It's quite peaceful actually. We've been lucky with a warm sun as of late, today is going to be the high of 75 in the Northeast* Every time we get a warmer day, everyone up north is thinking "this could be it," so no one really says much about it for fear of jinxing in. As this really could be it, I think it's something to celebrate, maybe I'll travel to the country and soak up some rays.

Feel good tune, right here:

my babies are hangin' in there still
Have a fabulous weekend** XXX #TGIF

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