Tea & Music...Sure

Great morning on this beautiful Fall day. There are still leaves on the trees that have yet to fall. Peak season is over, so you won't see the coveted red or gold leaves as much, at least not where I am. The night arrives early 'round these parts and will continue to do so up until December 21st, the Winter Solstice. From that day forward, night will come in later. During this Autumnal Equinox, the earth's axis is tilted away from the sun in Northern Hemisphere and towards the sun in the Southern Hemisphere. This creates six months of night in the North pole and six months of day in the South pole. Can you imagine? Six months of night?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. A fun time to eat turkey, be lazy and thankful. I can do those things with ease. I picked up some books for the Holiday: Adultery by #PauloCoelho and Wolf Winter by #CeciliaEkb√§ck. (I'm half way through Adultery and it's real good, as expected) I'm also reading, Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, this one is for research for a project (book). I've finally found the authentic, interesting, and unique story I'm interested in telling. It will be my first (serious) book. I've written others in the past that I never finished or didn't take too seriously, but the time has come...I have a lot of work ahead.

Besides all that, it's Friiiiday. For those who don't work (as in for income) and for those who do, it's still a glorious day; all the pressure is off, as the majority of society's mind shifts to relax mode. That's me right now, total chill. I'm gonna pour myself another cup of tea and crank up a tune by the music producer below:
Join me? I think you'll like it...
Hunger by Sam Sure...he's kinda cute too :O

Have the most wonderful weekend**
#TGIF big, big XXX's

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