Some Raw Truth

Social media has a way of portraying only the highlights in one's life. Check out anyone's instagram reel for example and every person's life looks amazing and perfect. Unfortunately life isn't all about rainbows and sunshine everyday, but you never see the inferior side. Then again, it would be pretty dreary to scroll through a bunch of negativity anyway so better yet. I for one love pictures. I like taking them, posing for them, looking at them and admiring moments that are captured through an artistic eye.

There is a whole other side to life that no one likes to talk about or share much. I'm going to do that with you now. I get unhappy sometimes. When it happens, it takes me a minute to get out of the funk and I have to remind myself it's normal. Life is about balance, finding harmony in everything that it entails. The ying and the yang. There is no sun without the moon, no good times without the bad. For the most part I'm a naturally happy, positive person who is grateful for everything; but sometimes the stress factors of life catch up with me and I tend to gravitate towards thinking negatively.

In these times I like to pick up my journal and write what I'm feeling, oh and have a good cry. As someone who likes to write, I like to take advantage of these moments and try to feel them deeply. It's such an unusual feeling that when it happens, I find it interesting and like to understand everything about it. In there, in that darkness, my mind flows through it and eventually finds light on its own. I do allow myself to feel the moment fully, without suppressing it. I get it all out and then it's passes, just like that. It amazes me how pain can just drift away...and that's what I wanted to share.
(If you find yourself in that dark moment and it doesn't go away for you, it's best to consult with a doctor. There are cures for you and it can and will eventually go away or it can stay and professionals can teach you how to live a healthy life despite of it)

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