Tis' The Season

The day has come. The sisters gather round to prepare for the celebration with their best herbs and most impressive potions. They've been waiting almost twenty years for this. There is much to do. With every new holiday the blessed ones receive new gifts. The chosen one will receive the most powerful offering, when the moon bleeds releasing its virtue. Neither sister knowing who it will be.

It's an exciting time in the village, celebrations among the town's folk ring through every corner. The wine flows freely and the children play, as the pigs slowly turn at the fire to crisp their skin, as day turns to night. The winds blow through the crowd whispering away the candles at the alter. The people know the time is near, for the spirits have come out joining in on the festivities.

The sisters unite in their tent and introduce the cloths they've prepared for one another. They exchange stones and wrap jewels around their necks as offerings to the almighty. The energy is charged with the nearest star radiating its last moments. Muddling of rose pedals and water happens skillfully to apply the texture to their lips. "Go, bathe in the flowers and tuck a few in your hair," said Genevive to her older sister. "I've picked a whole lot that will allow for each of us to soak in their fragrance," replied Esmeree.

"It is time to leave," announced Leila as Mara gathered the last of her belongings. The sisters pull back the tarp revealing a path created by their apprentices. They kiss each one on the forehead in gratitude, leaving behind a jasmine scent from their freshly washed hair. The music stops and the villagers surround the sisters as they head out on their journey.

Quietly they make their way, over each rock without a scratch to their bare feet. The trees and creatures along the trail feel their presence making room for their arrival. Ahead at the top of the mountain they see a glowing light, each instinctively knowing it's the circle of truth prepared by their pupils. They step into the center, join hands and raise their arms and heads into the dark sky. Vultures fly by and the winds blow stronger. The stars twinkle in unison as the moon makes its way into full perigee.

The earth starts to rumble and Genevive grasps her sister's hand tighter in a motion to stay still. The sisters chant together now in the words they have carefully rehearsed. One by one they lower their heads. Genevive is last to look down and when she does, the sisters are taken back by her blood soaked hair. They run and embrace her with open arms. She hugs them tightly and conjures up her newest endowment. To the sisters' surprise, Genevive lifts them into the sky, through the atmosphere and onto the moon. Together they look back at earth and sprinkle what are seen as fallen stars to the human eye.


Good morning** I hope you've enjoyed this myth I made up about the Blood Moon. The next bm is 18 years now...and the sisters go back in waiting.  (p.s. thx Wall Street Starbucks for the free wifi, much appreciated)

photo: Fede Benavides

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