Inner Happiness

Great morning to you on this week's end. This glorious day has arrived. This holds true for those working or not. Just the name itself is delightful. Who have you ever known not be happy on a Friday? (Okay don't answer that) Back in the old days when I waited tables and tended bar for far too long, I used to work every Friday night. I didn't mind it though because I would be making money and having fun (sort of). People are in great spirits on Friday nights and it's contagious. It would be hard not to laugh or smile at a patron at the bar who was having fun, I wouldn't want to ruin their mood; besides I was being paid to enhance it after all. All of these years later and here I am getting you excited about Friday now - too bad I'm not being paid though :O My payment is inner happiness because without writing...I would probably be a mess.

I'm starting the weekend with the guys below.
I like the middle part of this song and well the whole thing really - join me in some tunes?...

Mercy. TV On The Radio

(from brooklyn. new york talent in the house)

F R I D A Y!  WOOOOO.  xoxoo have the greatest weekend**

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