Fabulous Life

Good morning on this cool Tuesday in October. We're in full Fall now. No more summer clothes allowed up north people, go for it with the all black colors, scarfs and boots. Well you could wear summer clothes if you really wanted, because who cares what people think right? I'm taking a week off to improve my blog and come up with some fresh ideas. I started this blog almost two years ago and it's been full steam ahead. I'm grateful to have readers so thank you*

OCTOBER is here and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I've gone a little cooko with the decorations, but the boys seem to love it too so it's all good over in my hood. Next up are costumes, I'm the same thing every year, but mama does need a new hat this year. Time for some caffeine...

I love coffee art, something fabulous always happens when I get one.

Have a great day ahead in your fabulous life**

Big kisses XX

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