One-Off Fashionista

The shows have been on all week in my house on New York Fashion Week Live, they became part of the morning rituals. Fashion Week is over now, ended yesterday, but you could still catch up if you wanted as they're playing replays. While the collections showcased Spring / Summer 2016 and we're moving into Fall in a few days, it's been tricky picking out outfits. What's been perplexing (well, not really) is that I've been thinking about fall clothes lately and the shows inspired summer looks. So in honor of the just ended Fashion Week, I'm turning into a fashion blogger...

morning time, hmm which necklace should i wear today?

i do sometimes have fun picking out outfits

decisions, decisions

i thought maybe this outfit for today, yet it screams "summer,"  
it officially is still summer so i rolled with it

then i threw this together, more fall pieces in there and still summer a little bit...
not sure which one to wear :/

...and here's how my #ootd ended up. i changed up the grey jeans for dark blue ones, went with the long necklace as i love that one to death, ditched the hat as i over-wear it in general, nixed the scarf as it was feeling a little too gypsy-like and ended up looking very simple. it's been a hot, sticky summer...i should have wore the skirt to get some air on my legs.

Being a fashion blogger isn't so bad, it's pretty easy in fact; a lot easier than writing. Maybe I'll stick with it... nah not really my thing, it's been fun for a one-off though!

Good morning fashionistas, fashionistos and all the fabulously stylish, unstylish and simply dressed people out there. Share your outfit-of-the-day if you're able, I would love to see. xxooo

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