Indian Summer Creepy Origins

Great morning on this first Friday of fall. We are now experiencing what we like to call an "Indian summer." For our purposes, this means warm weather during the fall season. A real Indian summer has some other requirements however: a polar spell converting into a high pressure system creating a big shift in temperatures from day to night; haze, no wind, clear and chilly nights and lastly the hotness must follow temps that would fall into the frost category.

No one really knows where the name comes from. One theory is that it originated with the Algonquian Native Americans, who lived in the New England area before the Europeans arrived. They believed the warm winds were sent by their god, Cautantowwit. Then there are theories that go even further (and creepier). When the early New England settlers were at war with the Native Americans and the settlers would leave their stockades to welcome winter in late October, and if the weather would suddenly turn warm again during that time, the Native Americans would have another go at them for their independence -- this being what the settlers called, an "Indian summer."

I'm gonna roll with theory number one, as it's a nicer thought overall ;> It's Friday, woooooo. Time to get the party started. I'm starting it with a fierce dose of caffeine and some head boppin' to the "Set It Off" re-mix and vid by these guys...

Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora - Come On Now (Set It Off) - Official Video
Have a fantabulous weekend xxoooxoooo***

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