Strange Times

Jim Morrison, rest his poetic soul, said it best when he said "people are strange." No doubt they (we) can be making for strange times. Here are some I've identified lately that are nothing less that just that.


Uber calls you. What's stranger than that, oh my goodness, you're an app don't call me please, text.
Clients suck. They can really suck sometimes and get lost in their power, you never know what you'll get, God bless the lovely ones.
You plan a busy day and get side tracked putting out fires all day and end up doing nothing on your to do list. Enough said there, if you haven't experienced this yet, consider yourself lucky.
You feel sick yet have to keep going. The worst.
Someone else is grumpy. A good lesson learned for when you're feeling grumpy, change it or at least fake that you're not grumpy and spare the other person, yeah fake it, I'd rather that than your grumpy old mood.
You hit the point of overly tired and can't go to sleep because you still have things to do. Moms and dads know this one inside and out, oh how we adapt to the point that doing this becomes the norm.
Your kid(s) are straight up misbehaving. I'm not a fan of the discipline, yet it has to be done, horrid.
Anything and everything goes wrong and you fix it all because you're a rock star like that!

Have a fabulous Thursday ahead** xooxooandx

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