Did anyone else notice how big the moon looked last night? Well it's going to look even bigger tonight leading up to tomorrow night's grand event: the "supermoon." The scientific term for when the moon is closest to the earth is called perigee actually. The moon orbits the earth in an oval shape, that's why it comes closer to the earth on some days. How it becomes the gigantic, gorgeous image we're lucky to witness is because tomorrow's perigee also happens to fall on August's full moon. 

Tomorrow is one of three supermoons of the year, the next two happening on September 28th and October 27th. September's supermoon will be the largest of all AND will fall on a lunar eclipse also known as, a blood moon. Supermoon days are wild, their gravitational forces are the strongest pulling the ocean's water to them making the tides higher than usual. We're made of almost 60% water, so what's going to happen to us Saturday night? If any one's hair suddenly starts growing really fast, do yourself and the rest of us a favor and... HIDE!

:> Have the most fabulous weekend**** xxx

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