#RHONY Move Into Reunion Episodes

I've sort of watched this last season of the Real Housewives of New York. I DVR'd the first reunion and watched it last night. There is some major personality clashing going on there. The same thing I can't believe they do so much of, arguing, is the same thing that is keeping me watching. #RHONY is a show I can dumbout too, mindless; because sometimes I just wanna be dumb.

Who shall we start with? I'll follow Bravo's lead and end with Bethenny and Ramona as they are the stars of the show, with Bethenny as the main star of course. I'll start with the least interesting person, the tall, blond model. What is her name again? ... Kristen, I had to look that one up, I wasn't being mean, I really didn't remember. She doesn't have much going on except her boobs almost falling out of her ill-fitted top on the reunion. Pretty top, she just needed some tape as one of the women pointed out. Her boobs look a little hard too, I was recently schooled by someone with breast implants who said if the boobs are hard, that's something that needs to be fixed, implants should be soft.

Dorinda is next on the least interesting list. She wasn't too bad, at least I remembered her name. I kind of liked her actually. It has to be difficult for her to be with her boyfriend knowing her daughter doesn't like him. He seemed likable enough, of course you never can tell from a few minutes of camera time. He seems completely head over heels for Dorinda and that is always a nice thing to see. It's always better for the man to be more in love with the woman in a relationship versus the other way around. A woman can't go chasing around after a man, oh my god, awful.

Heather had a personality clash with Dorinda and it's no surprise there. Both are a bit on the aggressive side and don't mind stirring up some drama. So put an issue between those two and voila, instafight. The worst is to have a negative experience while drinking martinis as these women did. Let's talk about those martinis. Those cocktails are strong. Dorinda drinks them all the time and dirty. I'm not judging any one's cocktail choice, but they are pretty tasteless drinks. The dirty helps a bit with the flavor. I went through a dirty martini phase with my BF, Vanessa. We always ended up at Sway, a seedy downtown bar, at some ridiculous hour with all the out of work actors and models. (That was only after two martinis, I'm a ridiculous lightweight, never again do I want one of those)

Carole looks so different at the reunion than she did on the first episode of the show. She's had a lot of work done obviously. To each their own, she could have done it a little slower, she's hardly recognizable now. She definitely looks better. She has a great body and does act like a princess, as Luann pointed out. She is dating the "young guy" who was still with Luann's niece when they met and who got hurt by it all. If they were still together and the chef was playing them both (as in having sex with both at the same time) that's not too cool. I can see Luann's problem with it. Carole pretending nothing is wrong or that Luann is off her rocker for bringing it up is not right. She shrugs off Luann's opinion and acts like she's done nothing wrong.

Luann and Sonja I'll lump together because they seem like a good pairing. They've been on the show since the beginning and have had their ups and downs and always manage to get back together. They have a lot in common, both like to let loose and party while on vacation, live and have lived lavish lifestyles, divorced and single with grown kids. Luann is a bit more sensible than Sonja though so it's no wonder that friendship doesn't go too far. Sonja came from the Studio54 party days, "John John Kennedy" was known to have partied there, so Sonja was right in that regard. To get drunk and name drop is nothing short of tacky though.

Ramona is always a riot on top of her own world. It's all fine and funny until she's rude to people. Complaining to Bethenny about where the hot guys were at her event was pretty hilarious. A grown woman hunting down men is not a good look. She was at an event, why couldn't she just have fun with the women and enjoy their company? Isn't that the whole point of being at a party? Ramona is pretty and always looks good, but to complain to Bethenny about there not being any hot guys there, as if Bethenny should have rented them for the night, was typical Ramona lunacy. As for a character on the show, she's such an oddball that if this show continues, she'll probably keep her spot.

Onto the queen... Bethenny definitely brought some reality to the show, probably something it desperately needed. It's no wonder she got frustrated quite a bit, she was dealing with Sonja and Ramona all season, that would drive anyone up a wall. She ended up the season be-friending Carole and going on vacation with her, according to Bravo. I would have thought she and Luann would have made a better friendship. I can't imagine going through a divorce, home change, work change and having a baby all at once... and on television to boot! She's a strong woman and handles her shit, I'll give her that. Because of Bethenny, I will go ahead and watch the next couple of reunions and if she's back on the next season, I'm tuning in.

I know, Sonja and Ramona are missing from this picture, sorry ladies, there's too many of you. Do you watch the show? If so, who's your favorite?

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