Happy In The Dark

Good morning. It's completely dark right now. It's wicked early but I've been doing this blog so long that I remember it being light at this hour until recently. It's so black outside that the crickets are still ringing in that straight, non-stop buzzing sound they make. The one that's perfect for sleeping, the one that people try to mimic to help other's sleep. Last night I slept like a rock, when the alarm went off it was a shock to my system. Some people are scared of the dark, the night makes them uncomfortable. There is something comforting and peaceful about it though, the darkness and the moon drawing us in. It's changing now, the sun is starting its initial rise and the first cicada just woke up making its unforgettable calling, Tuesday slowly makes its way in.

I hope you have the best, most wonderful summer day ever. xxxx
#summer2015 #loveyou

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