Good Morning Mr. President

Good morning on this bright and sunny summer day in August. I'm spending it in a hotel lobby in DC, right around the corner from the White House. Not a very good hotel, it's a Sheraton. Sorry to call you out Sheraton, but I chose you because I thought you would be nice. Nothing major but some strange things you don't expect from a hotel: no free wifi, no free parking, the room was nice but the comforter smelled like b.o. and the sink in the bathroom gave me only scalding hot water from both faucets. All of it was kind of funny to discover, I guess you get used to such nice things from hotels, that when they're not, it's comical.

Moving on as I'm starting to sound like one of those ridiculous online reviews that are only ever completed when people have bad experiences. I'm not going to say I had a bad experience at this Sheraton, overall it was a pleasant stay. Short and sweet. As soon as I wrap up here I'm outta here and heading back to New York to my regular life, things and people. DC is a pretty cool town, I could see myself living here; although I don't ever see that happening in my life, but that's when I can tell I definitely like a city, is when I think I could live there.

Have a wonderful Wednesday** xxxooo

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