Dear Diary

Yesterday was quite a day. It's not easy keeping down two jobs and a few extra on the side on top of that. At least it keeps the bills paid. I don't have a choice, I have four kids and I like to have nice things. A nice car is a must for me, always has been and living in a nice area. I'm willing to pay more than the usual and work extra if I need to in order to have those things. I'm really good at coupon clipping. Some people would probably laugh at me if they knew how much I clip coupons. They work great though. The other day I found a coupon for a box of water for $2, I couldn't believe it.

Today I'm off from my regular gig and I'll drive for Uber. I can probably score a good amount of rides this morning and take the afternoon off. Why do I even bother writing in my diary if all I do is talk about work? I do need to remember to lock and hide this somewhere safe. With four kids, one of them is bound to find it. I think I'll consider getting a lock on my closet door. I can put everything in there that I don't want them getting into. They get into every single thing I own. What a bunch of characters they are. I wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it all over again. I'm trying my best here not to write about work.

Why shouldn't I write about work though? It's a big part of my life and this is my diary, where I'm supposed to write about anything that I want. So today I'll work for Uber in the morning and my wife will work for them in the evening. I'll take the afternoon off and work for the marketing company tomorrow all day, easy work. Both pay well and I don't have to do much except talk with people all day, just what I love to do. I like time off, we all had a great weekend. The kids ran around and my wife and I relaxed with some wine. She fell asleep after the first glass, I wasn't surprised.

This weekend I think we'll look at going to the beach. It may be a rainy weekend from what I heard on the forecast last, but if it's not and if I'm off, we'll go. The way this other company puts together the schedule is not something I'm happy with. The schedule should be completed at least a week in advance, so we know for sure what we're working. "The client may have last minute events they want you to work." What's that all about? Don't they know people have lives? I'm not going to turn this into a bitch session, it's supposed to be my free writing space. This program doesn't last much longer so soon it won't even matter and I'll move on to the next one. At least the money is good for now.

I should talk with Amber about getting back on the police force. She said she liked it before, I don't remember why she decided to cut that one loose, its been so long now. Well I'm almost at the end of this entry and I've once again managed to make it all about work. I'm going to try my best to not do that tomorrow. Maybe it's time for a vacation of some sort. Some time to just be and not think about bills, schedules, systems and just concentrate on enjoying summer and the kids. Maybe we'll head out to the country, camp out and breathe in some clean air. Yeah that's what we can do, great idea, thanks Diary, you're always the best listener.

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