Brooklyn Bridge Off Water Street

New York City, sometimes we love it and sometimes we hate it. When you catch a New Yorker, they're in one of those phases. They don't hate it because of what's happening in their careers or personal lives at that particular time, but because... the city. It will suck all of the money out of you like an ATM machine gone wrong. It's full of rats and other bugs that I can't even talk about or else I'll have nightmares. It's the garbage that lines the streets on pick up days that leaks turning the puddles of left over rain water bright green and of course the over-crowded, full of delay subways that can turn a regular day into a living hell, for example.

Then there are magical moments. Those times when you stumble across a great view that instantly makes you smile or when you realize that indie, gourmet dumpling take-out spot opened in the neighborhood. Then there's the entertainment on the street itself, passing a saxophone player who's music you had been enjoying for blocks before you even saw him or the fancy cappuccino you picked up from a coffee truck parked on a lost corner served with a smile and cranked up tunes to boot. It's in those kind of involvements when you remember why you fell in love with New York in the first place... for that unique, one-of-a-kind experience now on the been there done that list.

Water Street Off Broad

Stone Street Off Hanover Square 

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