Welcome To New York

Great morning to you on this summer Friday. It was yet another busy and stressful week over here on my side. I'm pretty sure life is testing me yet again, I won't let it take me off the loving, peaceful path I'm [trying] to lead. New York City is full of aggressive personalities who love to push buttons, like small children. Luckily I have a small child so I am able to see this behavior for what it is. Summer is supposed to be a chill out time...sit in the sun...sip on something cold...lay in a hammock...tranquillo. Fortunate and unfortunate for me, my current situation has me lined up for a busy season.

It looks like the summer will fly by if I let it, I'm going to work on slowing it down. I can't control that during the week, but I can on the weekends, and I'll start with these creatives...

WARNING: listening to alt-J (Δ) may cause the music to remain stuck in your head all day and involuntarily make your hand hit repeat several times, listen at your own risk:

TGIMFF! (< if you can translate that, call me, I would want to hang out)

Have the most fabulous weekend**

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