On The Fly

Good morning on this beautiful Wednesday. I'm heading to Boston for a last minute trip. Back on board the Acela. I'm starting to acquire a love for this train. On the way home I'm on the Regional, which is very different, a little more down-grade: wifi doesn't work that well if at all, less comfy seats, a longer ride overall, so not looking forward to that too much. For now, I'll take in as much of this more luxury travel as I can get. As of now, no one is sitting next to me. I know that'll soon change as it's the Northeast and we're all always crammed in everywhere all the time up here from Boston all the way down to DC. You learn to tune people out pretty easily. When people start talking to you while commuting, it's nothing less than strange.

On my last Boston get-away, I snapped this picture through this lovely little pretend woods. 

Ciao ciao have a great middle of the week, make yourself smile today, even if it's a forced one, 
you gotta do what you gotta do.

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