Le Short Summer

Advertisers love to start showing fall clothes in the magazines right now. It happens every July and for people who live with le short summer, it's a bit daunting. Up north here we really get three quick months of heat, that's not a lot. I thought all of these powerhouse designers were based in New York, you would think they understand. I guess they're too busy worrying what they're going to look like next season vs. enjoying this one, who knows. I don't really care what I'm going to wear in two months. What I'm wearing to this weekend's picnic? Not much, maybe a little.

Here we are July 22nd - mid-Summer - and yesterday I'm innocently flipping through a fashion magazine and there they were, fall clothes and how to wear them. I just put those things away, yes, we know exactly how to do it: boots, hats, scarfs, dark colors...check. While I do love fall fashion, I'm not ready to think about it now. The second to the last week of September is about right. That's just about when the first crisp, cool breeze swoops in from the arctic and we think - "it's time for a scarf." Then, we don't dive in, we transition. A scarf with a summer dress and maybe boots. A white top, some dark jeans and say a pair of sandals. Slowly. October 1, yeah it's a wrap and we go for it with the cool clothes.

We're smack in the middle of summer wearing gear for goodness sake. A little pre-mature fashion people, you came too early. (Mind the pun) The insensitivity of this side of the business is a bit low-brow. I guess they need to make money too, but our summer's are short; you would think we'd get a reprieve here. On the flip side, when the winter over stays its welcome, they're first to "show us" Spring. So okay fine, I'll take it for what it is. When I see a sweater in a window this week I won't scoff at it, when tall boots splash across a page in a glossy image, I'll remind myself it's a business. Then, I'll grab a book, make a home base in the grass somewhere, go back to having summer fun and do silly things, like taking pictures of my feet.

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