I Release Thee

One could do without, but why? It's a nice to have. It can do no harm, could be a good wave. May as well. Where art thou, now is not the time to hide dear friend. No, not behind the peanut butter, maybe beyond the capers? Just my luck. Something else then. What can compare? A bit anxious and needy, being free is where we would rather be. It could be addiction, it can't be. When it hits for all that it's genuine, driving energy forces into high gear, searching, wondering, plotting. To have, to want, on demand. It's true then, it won't happen right now. That was the best plan all along, it wasn't meant to be, I release thee. It continues to burn, the incense, guided by the wind back and forth through the window. There beyond the smoke, the flowers rise up, to infinity. They don't care, they just want water. Where is water? Tea. More tea.

*goodmorning* #summer2015 

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