Farewell Concert

This past weekend was the 50th Anniversary of the band, which was formed in San Francisco in 1965, at the height of the psychedelic hippie scene. To celebrate, they played three nights for their fans with their final show - ever - last night in Chicago (with a live broadcast watched by millions on pay-per-view). If you had $2000 to spare, you could have purchased a ticket and been at this historical event, although it looked sold out. While the 60's are long gone, the music, fans, energy and vibes will live forever. The New York Times reported their few and final words were:

"Please, Be Kind." 

Have a wonderful start of the week. xXxXx 

p.s. I couldn't decide which historical event I wanted to post more, this one, or the World Cup win for the United States women's team... had to go with the dead, congrats to the ladies!

pics: rollingstone

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