All Good

Great morning to you on this beautiful summer Friday. I've had a pretty stressful week and today I'm going to work on letting it all go so I can relax on the weekend. The day ahead is still going to be busy, but it's Friday so it's already starting off right. Negativity really does rear its ugly head when you least expect it. Sometimes, you're moving along steadily on your happy little path and it sneaks up on you. This happened to me yesterday. I won't get into specifics because as I mentioned I'm trying to let it go, but the gist of it is someone with a volatile disposition sucked the energy out of my being. Normally in those types of situations I remove myself, however I had to endure for reasons that are too many to explain...ay dios mio!

Time to let it go, let it go, bye bye negative cloud, I can't be bothered by you. It's Friday, I want to be happy and enjoy the summer! To help shake it off I'm going to start with this guy and this tune right NOW...

"I like the feel of simplicity." All better, all good. #TGIF !

Have a fabulous weekend and big, big kisses** 

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