Summer Is Calling

Great morning to you on this summer feeling Friday. The hot weather does something to me. My body reacts on its own and all it wants to do is park itself outside somewhere, soak up the heat and chill. A barbecue going, some tunes, maybe a pool to splash around in and a cold beverage of some sort is heavenly. That's all I really want to do (yeah yeah yeah exercise, that too). Writing is easier in the winter, as there's not much nature to tear us away from our thoughts. My summer garden is calling right now to be watered and entertained. No, I'm not someone who talks to their plants...yet.

My boy does not like to be woken up in the mornings, period point blank. He used to wake up on his own every morning at 7, ready to make some noise. Once school started it all changed, when he figured out that it wasn't going away, he started to cherish every last second he could, like a grown up. To help create a relaxed environment for him to wake to (he's so spoiled), I play music for him to start his day. This morning we're listening to #Grimes again. I don't think he cares one way or the other, but it's soothing for mama and therefore it will be...

Have the most f a b u l o u s weekend that ever existed** xxxoooo Fab i ola

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