Looking Good Caitlyn Jenner

She makes a pretty woman. Here she is with the Fashion & Style Director of Vanity Fair. I love the cat eye sunglasses, I'm sporting a pair myself lately. I also have this silk robe in a slightly lighter color, except mine is faux from Victoria's Secret and hers is probably real silk. This lady is doing what makes her happy and what makes her feel most comfortable, her strength is impressive. She is helping the transsexual/transgender community by coming out in a big way; hopefully this will help lower the suicide rate among its youth (over 50%) and the abuse they receive from people who seem to hate them. 

Fabulous Caitlyn

What do you think? Don't worry if you don't agree with me, I don't mind people telling their point of view in an intelligent manner. In fact, I enjoy a good debate.

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pic: vanityfair

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