It's All About The Music

Great morning to you on this cool Spring day. Either there's a ghost in my attic or some type of animal. As I'm pretty sure ghosts do not exist - this is arguable, I have never seen one, so as of now they don't to me - it must be a creature of some sort. Whatever it was, it was having a party up there. I almost got up to check it out, but I'm too lazy. I figured, if it's a ghost and it's trying to get my attention, it's going to have to tap me on the shoulder and start talking to me to get a reaction. I'm the worst huntee for the supernatural.

Friday is here, wooo. This week crawled by thanks to the cool, grey rainy weather that lingered around. We're craving sunshine in Northeast, this weekend guys, it's looking good. Free time is the best, there are so many things I want to do. I'm excited about Sundae Sermon, with Little Louie Vega, that's starting up again soon, it's our idea of going to church. I've been to it before and it's all about the music, good music that is, like this one...

crank it up... Canadian in the house...

#TGIF #grimes #blooddiamonds

Have a fabulous weekend**

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