As The Storm Settles In

Good morning. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Monday's are the worst; especially on a cool, grey, rainy one to boot. Looks like we'll not just have rain today, but "heavy rain" all day and tomorrow forecasts more showers. The storm will just hang around or move very slowly then. It is huge though, across the entire East Coast. It started yesterday in the middle of my rollerblading session, I had to ride in the rain - it was kind of fun. I spent the entire weekend outside, so I'm fine living indoors for the next few days. Who knows when we'll see the sun again. Time to reminisce on the weekend and pretend I like Monday mornings...

Good Morning Starshine

Caffeine Injections...Stat

Welcome June 2015

BBQ Season Is In Full Effect

Today Will Be A Wonderful Day

and they roll in...

Grab your umbrellas East Coasters! xXxX

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