Water, Flowers & Nature

Good morning on this beautiful Spring day. It's going to reach 87 degrees today, wow. Last week was pretty chilly, but this week it looks like we'll see warm and even hot temperatures all week...exciting. The city pools should be opening soon, in fact they probably did this past weekend. I can't wait to take my boy, he loves it. The ones here aren't just pools, they're full on water parks, with slides and different variations of water towers and tons of wild kids. We'll spend a lot of the hot days there I'm sure. I would like to be around water, flowers and nature these next thirteen weeks.

A short week is upon most of us, woo, I personally don't dislike what I do for a living, I just love to play more...

Good morning beautiful*
 This week is going to be really successful
Don't judge others

spring / summer 2015
coffee, tea, cappuccino time
what's done with love is done well
a new week to shine your light bright
focus on the positive, fuk the negative
everything will work out just fine
flowers are everywhere
peace and love

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