The Passage Of Time

Good morning. It's a new day, a new week and a new month. A lot of new activity there. What happened to April? It's gone, just like that. Time goes so fast, but we all know that. I even try to slow it down and it still flies by. Children are so cute, they have no concept of it at all. My munchkin, he's not much munchkin anymore, more like tall boy asked me yesterday, "is it school today?" I tried to be unenthusiastic in my response, so he doesn't start hating school, "nope, you can take your time getting out of bed," when I really wanted to say, "NO!" When he asks me what time it is, I tell him and always end with, "but don't think about that now, you have the rest of your life to do that."

Good Morning Beautiful

Today Is Going To Be A Wonderful Day

This Week Will Be Successful

Everything Will Work Out Fine

MAY 2015

Work Mode, Back ON

Make The Most Of Monday

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso

It's Warm Outside, So Exciting

xo Fabi #lazydayz #outsidelife #flowerwatching #heat #love 

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