Good morning to you on this middle of the week, Spring day. I cannot get my shit together and wake up early. After my recovery period (from thyroid carcinoma surgery), my schedule has been thrown completely off. During my resting period, my ultimate dream came true: I was forced to do nothing. For entertainment, I was allowed to read, listen to music or watch Netflix; for days on end. When a Latina mother tells you what to listen. I became used to sleeping in, that getting back into an early schedule is challenging. I am half asleep right now, this tea is not working. It looks like I'll have to switch to coffee. It makes me edgy, which is fine, because I'll fit right in with everyone else in NY; when one is all relaxed they stand out.

According to the radar, we'll some showers today. If there are any New Yorkers reading this, pull out your rain gear, because there is no way the system is going to miss us. At least it's warm, it'll reach 70. Any temperature that doesn't require a winter coat, works. I'm not knocking our winter coats, when we need them, they're our savior, just...done. Winter is gone and Spring is just about to pass as well. What a beautiful season Spring has been, I've enjoyed watching everything come back to life, it all happened right around the same time as my recovery. I still have radiation to go through, which means I'm going to be radioactive; so I guess it's going to be more isolation for me.

xx Fabiola #spring2015 #goodmorning i'm.still.sleeping

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