People Watching

French man has a smoke, in front of his work building.

Nanny on a cold morning stroll, with happily bundled baby girl.

Theater actor leading a group through the financial district.

Asian tourists using selfie sticks on Wall Street.

Coffee trucks competing for business.

Casey Affleck throws out garbage.

Two armed soldiers talking and observing.

Three homeless occupy Pine St., three weeks running.

Mommies chatting outside, after dropping kiddies at day care. 

Business men sipping coffee before a big meeting.

An impossibly long line at Dunkin Donuts.

Julia Roberts & George Clooney, 
film on Hanover Street, 
as Jodie Foster directs.

Runners still running,
at red lights.

Four second eye lock with male passerby, 
three seconds extra.

#spring2015 .pointofview #nyc

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