Hello Beautiful

The weekend went by nice and slow. I slept like a rock last night and had some crazy dreams. I remember all of them, they were nice and I wouldn't mind having them again tonight. MAD MEN has officially come to a close. I have the final episode taped and get to watch it tonight. After eight or nine years it ends? How did we get sucked into these shows? These last episodes have been great watching for the little details, such as the old cabinets in their kitchens, the changing hair styles / fashion and the attitude changes, it's all so wild. In case you didn't know, MAD MEN stands for MEN of MADISON Avenue. It was a fun ride and one that never jumped the shark really, in my opinion.

A new day is here and a new week, I'm not really feeling it at the moment, as I'd like to go back to sleep. More caffeine is in my near future, as well as some positive vibes, maybe you could use some too?...

 Today Will Be A Wonderful Day
Spring 2015

Good Morning**

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