Welcome To The Team Bruce

It took lots of cojones to do what he did. I learned a lot about what transgender and transexual is on his interview with Diana Sawyer. Bruce is paving the road for this community to help stop the oppression they encounter and most importantly lower the suicide rate for its youth, more than 50%. Transgender is a person who does not conform to either the female or male gender. A transexual is a person who feels they belong to the opposite sex. It is the moment for this community to fight for their rights, Bruce coming out is helping this cause.

Bruce has a pretty female face in my opinion and I think he will make a delightful woman and make our gender proud. He is charming, likeable, intelligent and his coming out proves how strong woman are :O He shed light on this issue and told the world it is ok to be a transexual. I'm blown away by how powerful he is to become an American hero, for the second time in his life. For those who didn't see the interview "he" is not gay, however it looks like "she" will be. I look forward to seeing her coming out dress and her new name. Fabulous dahling*

-Fabiola Conrado #transgender #transexual #brucejenner #modern

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