Our Precious Earth

Great morning to you. There are many great things about today, it's Earth Day, so Happy Earth Day to all us earthlings and it also happens to be my birthday. I'm very lucky to share a birthday with our earth. So the whole world, literally, will be celebrating my birthday today and not even know it.

I'm excited for my birthday for some reason. Maybe it's because when people guess my age, they guess me ten years younger or maybe because when I tell people my age, I've been forced to take out my driver's license to prove it (totally bragging here, yeah so, it's my birthday and I can do what I want) or maybe it's because I like the feeling of being a for real, a mature grown-up (no more pretending). Whatever the case, I'm in good spirits.

For those who have no idea what Earth Day is all about - which is odd, everyone should know these things - click here to find out: what on earth is it?.

xxoo Fabi #earthday2015 #spring2015 blossoms.blossoms.and more blossoms, so much beauty in our world.

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