Morning Glory

Good morning. Weatherbug says it will reach 62 today in New York, amazing. I did some gardening yesterday and it felt good to be outside and not freeze to death for a change. We'll see our beautiful sun for the beginning part of today and then say goodbye because we won't see it again until, Saturday.

It's supposed to rain all week, that could change, there's always hope. It's a new day and time to make things happen. I have some strong Irish tea brewing, I'm hoping it wakes me up. If not, I'll have to switch to coffee and we're out of espresso, so I'll have to settle for drip and then I'll have to deal with my eyes twitching all day...

Wake Up Sleepy

Today Will Be A Wonderful Day

This Week Will Be Successful

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso

Peace Is In The Air

Don't Judge Others

APRIL 2015

Flowers Are Coming

xo Fabi peace & love  #spring2015 #happymonday

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