It Will Be

I like to go about my day believing everything will be successful, this entails having a plan b and c to ensure they will. Sometimes though, they just don't. We know this and when these things happen they just do, we get through it and get over it and move on. At least we spent the time in a positive frame of mind, allowing ourselves to focus on everything else we have going on. Each morning I try to remember to convincingly tell myself that the upcoming day will be prosperous.

When wins present themselves, sometimes I'm amazed and I look back at the events that made them happen and I realize I myself, not with anyone's help - including God - put them into motion. This is not a post on religion, I'm familiar with faith and a higher power and all of that - although, my recent post on religion did get me thinking about spirituality and human ability - and I was having this conversation with a person recently and their immediate response was, "yes, thanks to God." I didn't agree with them, but I decided not to speak my mind, for a change, and let it rest.

This wasn't about God, this was about us, human beings and the power within our minds to control certain outcomes. I'm not referring to levitation, psychic ability or telekinesis; although those are pretty impressive, I'm talking about plain old simple mind control. This doesn't work when it comes to physiological however; although those who choose complementary and alternative medicines would argue this. I'm talking any type of life situation one is contemplating or hoping for. Sometimes, the day is victorious and we tend to ignore it and chalk it up to a regular day.

Instead of going about the evening with dinner, cleaning the kitchen and whatever else we do in a routine type of format, I've been trying to take a minute or two lately to focus on the day I had and think about the achievements in it, and enjoy them. It's made each day more pleasant over all. While doing this, I can't help and notice the negative things too, after a week of this, I realized the triumphs have outweighed the unfavorables by far and I've been trying to consciously stay focused on the former.

For example, in one day here are situations I found to be fortunate: I finished and published an interesting blog post (to me at least) on schedule and was able to get on with the day - sometimes I don't finish on time and it lingers with me throughout the morning stressing me out and not allowing me to move on to other things; my son was a sweet angel and let me dress him - tantrum-free - in the pants I picked out for him vs. his now raggedy old Halloween costume pants he can't seem to let go of; I find a five dollar bill on the street and no one around looking for it; I arrive to the subway platform and the subway pulls up less than fifteen seconds later, that's pure joy right there...and it happens the rest of the day.

These things you can't put a price tag on and make you smile. When those little things go the other way, they can cause stress and drama and feelings of unhappiness. I've had those days, we've all had them and I think great days happen because I tell myself they will be. Some may argue that they would happen anyway and I'm wasting my time. I disagree because since I started with these new habits, I believe my days have been more successful overall than before. Or maybe this whole practice is just making me more aware of them? Either way, again...success.

-Fabiola Conrado #goodmorning Great day ahead :O

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