Have To Believe

Hello and great morning to you. It's Friday, ya aint' got a job and ya aint' got shit to do. Anyone? It's been a short week for me overall, so to me it feels like Wednesday, but it's Friday so BONUS. Back to chill out, relaxing again. I'm a working mom, so every single relax moment is cherished, as if I had just found the long lost tomb of Imhotep. I don't think I could not work though. My father is going through this right now, well the past six+ years really, he can retire but doesn't, thinks he will for sure and then changes his mind. Last conversation we had, he said he was sure he was "done." I've heard this many times, so I just listen, like the good daughter that I am.

All I know is that sometimes (lately it seems like all the time over here), life takes us off our main road just to show us what we're made of. When we're off on that different path, we encounter uncertainty and unfamiliarity that can rattle our nerves. When we're aware of the detour, we can blaze through it and face whatever it is that is going to pop out of the woods in stride. They're called "experiences" for a reason, because we gain experience and the next time we feel lost, we won't be scared, because the whole thing may just end up being enjoyable.

Olivia always knew what was up...

Magic, Olivia Newton John

Have the most magical weekend**

(Answer to the above movie reference: Smokey, from the movie Friday).

xo Fabi #TGIF #spring2014 #dreamer #peace & #love

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